The Ultimate Value

A highly simplified platform for unique talent acquisition, helps the businesses find the building blocks of their company. The right talent, when measured using the right kind of tools, can streamline and speed up the recruitment process, thus, saving the company's cost. Pehliseedhi's pay per use feature ensures that you only pay for what you select.

Power At Your Fingertip


Skim the creme from the pool of candidates. Combine the AI (Artificial Intelligence) power with the technology-driven assessment process and streamline candidates on the basis of their personality and industry-specific skills.

MAP Technology

Our MAP (Multiple Assessment Processes) Technology connects the domain experts and businesses to develop industry-relevant evaluation tests. Customize the questionnaire and test the competency of the candidates accurately.

Defined Metrics

In-built skill strength detection matches every professional with relevant job, ensuring that the potential candidate applies to the job, and is filtered, based on defined metrics rather than abstract formula-based selections.

The VE System

To ensure fool-proof assessments, our VE (Video Evaluation) system helps the client analyze the jobseeker's personality, attitude and communication skills. Before hiring, their videoprofile can help make a better decision.

Legitimate Resume

Our automated resume-builder and standardized format ensure authenticity and verification of profiles, as it makes sure that only relevant information is recorded. This also reduces the risk of plagiarized data and information.

MAP score card

An extension to the resume, the MAP score card lists out the skill-level of the candidate. All scores are segregated as per the test topics. This adds clarity to the resume, and ensures authenticity of the candidate’s skill.

Recent Jobs


Full Time Jaipur

Salary - 17000-19000
Experience - 5 Yrs
Documentation Incharge

Full Time Jaipur

Salary - 15000-17000
Experience - 5 Yrs
Field Sales

Full Time Jaipur

Salary - 11000-13000
Experience - Fresher