is a one stop solution for both, employers and job seekers. We are a one-of-its-kind portal intended, especially, for blue collared jobs. However, we do cater to the needs for white-collared jobs, too.

People looking for jobs can depend on us to find them the right pick from a strong database of employers across the country.

Employers, too, have a tough time filling up such vacancies and that's where we come in. We ensure efficient supply of potential candidates to them.

We don't operate through any middlemen/agents, which makes sure that the supply and demand time is minimal.

We provide transparency between the job seeker and employer profiles. So yes, the employer or the potential employee basically gets a catalogue that they can look through. This speeds up the recruitment and appointment process and also ensures that both parties are satisfied with one another.

Job Seekers:

Anyone who's not fully satisfied with their current jobs, people who want to pursue their careers in a specific field, people who are looking for a better job, graduates, students (eligible to work as per the laws of the Government) who are looking for a part time job along with pursuing their education, school pass outs, or even school dropouts.


Any legal business setup like a retail shop, wholesaler, trading company, factory, real estate company, schools, hospitals, hotels, salons, gyms, etc.

All the above mentioned categories can become members of

Please Note: We strongly condemn any form of child labor and do not entertain any demand or application for the same.

For both, employers and job seekers, there are two ways to join You can join through an online or offline registration.

This website is a public website with free access.

The subscription time is one year, post which you can renew your subscription.

We have prepared a detailed questionnaire after extensive research and it's advisable to fill all the fields for maximum benefit and response.

However, it is not mandatory to fill all the fields. Only the star marked fields are compulsory to fill as they are crucial to create your profile on

It will take seven working days for your profile to be visible & active on

For Job Seekers:

After you have registered with, your online profile shall become active within seven days. You may then search for suitable jobs as per your requirement.

For Employers:

After you have registered with, your profile shall become active within seven days. You may then search for potential candidates that match your job requirements or analyze the job applications you have received on the portal.

After the parties have applied for the job vacancy/requirement, the interview between the two shall be fixed and scheduled by

Login with your username and password. Click on the My Profile button. On My Profile page click on the edit button below. Edit the information and click on update after you are through with the editing.

No, only one profile can be created under one mobile number/e-mail id.

Login with your username and current password. Click on the change password option on My Profile page. Enter your existing password to confirm, and then enter the new desired password. Confirm again by entering the new password and then save the changes.

Go to our homepage and click on the link, 'forgot password?’ You will be asked to fill a few basic details after which an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. After verifying the OTP you will be redirected to the page where you can change the password.

You can call us on the provided numbers or submit us a query through email. Our team shall look into the matter and resolve it as soon as possible.

There are three conditions under which your profile may be deactivated, permanently/temporarily:

In case, your subscription is over, we shall deactivate your account, permanently, or temporarily, depending on the renewal/non-renewal of your subscription.

If you have been selected and appointed by our registered employer then we shall deactivate your account.

In case, finds that your profile is forged, holds any criminal records, and contains false information, we will deactivate your account permanently without any prior notice.

Login with your username and password. Enter keywords, and/or choose from various available filters to search for the suitable vacancies.

Under the search option, you have to enter keywords to search for suitable vacancies.

Under the advanced search, along with keywords you are given the options to select one or more filters like salary expectations, preferred locations, part-time/full-time, etc., hence, giving you more specific options.

For Job Seekers:

The application form provided to us must be filled in complete honesty. Giving full information about yourself and the description of the job you need are of utmost importance. This will help you match your requirements with the available job vacancies.

For Employers:

The application form provided to us must be filled in complete honesty. You need to mention the job requirements in detail and must disclose all the clauses of the job offer.

We match the requirements of both the parties and provide the most suitable applications to them, thereby, giving both of them many choices to select from and take it further, thereon.

After registration, the user must login with his/her username and given password. After logging in, your profile will be visible to all employers who may approach you as per their job requirements. You may, too, search for suitable jobs as per your skill set.

You can apply for any number of jobs that match your provided skill set.

Once you have applied for the posted job vacancy/vacancies, you must wait for the employer’s response. If the employer selects you as a potential candidate, will arrange an interview with the employer.

First, log in to your profile using your username and password. Then, you have to post a job to select a candidate. You may find a candidate without posting a query, but you can only go ahead with the selection process after creating a valid job vacancy query on

You may select any number of candidates for your job vacancy post.

Log in to your profile using your username and password. Click on ‘Post A Job.’ An online form shall appear which you have to fill. After filling the form as per your requirements, press POST. The job will be posted.

After both the jobseeker and employer’s requirements match and they both agree to go ahead, will arrange the interview date, time, and venue.

As soon as you will create your profile, we’ll create your resume on the basis of the information provided.

However, if you wish to edit/update more information, you have to go the 'Create Resume' option on your ‘My Profile’ page. After editing/updating, save the changes.

Your resume can be seen and assessed by employer(s) whose job enquiry matches your skill set.

Log in to your profile using your username and password. Go to 'My Profile.’ Click on ‘EDIT’ and change the settings as per your requirement. Save the changes.

No, the users cannot delete their accounts. You will have to send us the request to deactivate the account on the given e-mail id. We shall deactivate the specified account within 7 working days of the request.


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